OLVIDADAS – Program Notes

OLVIDADAS is a program created during the artistic residency in Ravensbrück in September 2023.

The project was commissioned by the Culture Department of Brandenburg to research and create a new program, performed at the Kulturfeste im Land Brandenburg festival.

With this video Cantaderas pay tribute to the Spanish women deported to the Concentration Camp of Ravensbrück between 1939 and 1945.

Our voices were accompanied by the sounds of stones from the camp, thimbles, spoons, nuts, our frame drums, clapping and hitting on a table with our hands. The list of the names of women and girls known to have suffered in the camp were read during the concert.

Their experiences, strength, solidarity and hope inspired this program, which was conceived to have their songs, their names and their stories resonate with ours. As a friend says “if you have a voice, you have power”.

The UN has chosen January 27th 2025 to commemorate Holocaust victims because on January 27th 1945 the Soviet troops liberated the Concentration Camp of Auschwitz. Even though almost 80 years have passed there is still non complete list of all the women who suffered in Ravensbrück.

We need to denounce and condemn what happened and, most importantly: we need to remember not to forget. Let oblivion be transformed into memory.

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