Critics & Comments

Martin Weber. Witterswil (Switzerland)

Great knowledge, warm voices, a fantastic technique, joyful singing: the ensemble Cantaderas captivated the public with its concert in Witterswil. The variety of early Spanish music is astonishing and Cantaderas’ interpretation is a pleasure. The accompanying percussion instruments prove that these four women have rhythm in their blood.

An enchanting concert with short and charming introductions! A great pleasure and an overjoyed audience!

Thomas Friedländer. Dresden (Germany)

Just by looking at the Cantaderas photo you realize – these four musicians don’t just sing on stage. Instead they live out their unrestrained love for music. They sing intensely, drum energetically, reenact a procession and interact closely.The effect is endearing, especially because there is laughter in the air…. The audience is delighted.These professionals present their repertoire in a first class manner. The audience is rewarded with a fascinating excursion into traditional Northern Spanish music combined with medieval Iberic music.

Yolanda Criado. Broadcast programme : La Riproposta, Radio Clásica-RTVE.

Madrid (Spain)

Four voices of four women whose traditional music performance is a revelation. The Ensemble Cantaderas takes listeners on a journey into the past with its traditional repertoire from 19th and 20th century songbooks and certain medieval pieces.

These voices are refreshingly different from what we know in folk music – they awaken an association with the ancestral sound of an old traditional repertoire.

The ensemble celebrates the traditional folk heritage, researching its different ways of interpretation. The music relies on the first field recordings made in the Iberian Peninsula, and Cantaderas’ aim to approach a plausible interpretation of earlier repertoires, an unusual approach for classically trained musicians.

The music’s subtlety combined with the musicians’ pleasure at performing is transmitted to the public.  It is a thrill to see them and listen to them. Congratulations on their work and their sensitivity. We are looking forward to their first CD.