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June 17th to 18th. Symposium ‘Woman and Folklore’. Concert with the program ‘Devota Fecunditas’ at the Foundation Joaquín Díaz (Valladolid). More information on: http://www.funjdiaz.net

June 24th at 14h. Broadcast on Radio Nacional Clasica, at the program La Riproposta: www.rtve.es

July 5th Ronda (Spain). Concert with the program ‘Devota Fecunditas’ More information on: www.musicaronda.com

September 2nd. Concert at the Early Music Festival ‘Voix et route romaines’ with the program ‘Festas de St. Maria e nostro Sr. Jesucristo’. Alsace (France). More information on: http://www.voix-romane.com

September 3rd at 17h. Concert at the Pfarrkirche St. Katharina in Witterswil, Basel-Land, Switzerland. More information: www.rkk-witterswil-bättwil.ch

September 3rd at 20h. Concert at the Offene Bühne Basel with readings from Schlomo Graber. More information: www.offene-bühne.ch

September 5th. Concert at the Early Music Festival ‘Offenes Palais. Musik und Kunst im grossen Garten’ in Dresden (Germany). More information on: http://www.offenes-palais.de/

desque la cantadera dize el cantar primero, siempre los pies le bullen e mal para el pandero.

“Libro del buen amor” Juan Ruiz, Arcipreste de Hita, siglo XIV

… After the songstress sings the first song, her feet always move and the pandero suffers when she strikes it .

“Libro del buen amor” Juan Ruiz, Archpriest of Hita, 14th century