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desque la cantadera dize el cantar primero, siempre los pies le bullen e mal para el pandero.

“Libro del buen amor” Juan Ruiz, Arcipreste de Hita, siglo XIV

… After the songstress sings the first song, her feet always move and the pandero suffers when she strikes it .

“Libro del buen amor” Juan Ruiz, Archpriest of Hita, 14th century


May 26th concert at the Fundacion Juan March in Madrid with the program ‘Devota Fecunditas’. More information on: https://www.march.es

July 4th concert and Masterclasses at the Fundacion Joaquín Díaz in Valladolid with the program ‘As festas do ano’. More information on: http://www.funjdiaz.net

July 26th concert at the International Music Festival in Thoronet (France) with the program ‘As festas do ano’.

November 5th to 11th Residence and concerts in Vezelay (France)- La cité de la voix. With the program ‘Mulier quid ploras’.


June 17th to 18th. Symposium ‘Woman and Folklore’. Concert with the program ‘Devota Fecunditas’ at the Foundation Joaquín Díaz (Valladolid). More information on: http://www.funjdiaz.net

June 24th at 14h. Broadcast on Radio Nacional Clasica, at the program La Riproposta: www.rtve.es

July 5th Ronda (Spain). Concert with the program ‘Devota Fecunditas’ More information on: www.musicaronda.com

September 2nd. Concert at the Early Music Festival ‘Voix et route romaines’ with the program ‘Festas de St. Maria e nostro Sr. Jesucristo’. Alsace (France). More information on: http://www.voix-romane.com

September 3rd at 17h. Concert at the Pfarrkirche St. Katharina in Witterswil, Basel-Land, Switzerland. More information: www.rkk-witterswil-bättwil.ch

September 3rd at 20h. Concert at the Offene Bühne Basel with readings from Schlomo Graber. More information: www.offene-bühne.ch

September 5th. Concert at the Early Music Festival ‘Offenes Palais. Musik und Kunst im grossen Garten’ in Dresden (Germany). More information on: http://www.offenes-palais.de/